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Gentle Yoga & Hatha Yoga with Jo

Yoga with Jo

Offering two types of classes – General Hatha Yoga and Gentle Yoga (full details below), all classes are friendly and supportive, encouraging you to pay attention to your own body and enabling you to practice in a way that works best for you.

If you don’t yet have your own mat, mats are available to borrow . All other props are provided, but you may like to bring a bottle of water and a blanket to provide extra comfort during relaxation.

Payment is on a weekly basis so people can drop into classes when they are able, rather than paying for a block of classes and then not being able to attend them all. Classes run mainly during term time, so please contact me for the exact dates or to receive my newsletter.

General Hatha Yoga: Classes begin with a few minutes of mindfulness and breath awareness, followed by mobilising and warming-up the body gradually, before progressing to seated and standing asanas (poses), balances and flows. Plenty of options are given and props are provided so that everyone can adapt to suit their own bodies. Classes often include poetry or readings, pranayama (breathwork) to help regulate the nervous system and always finishes with a relaxation.

Gentle Yoga Classes: Classes include all the elements of the General Hatha Yoga classes, but are shorter and designed for people who want to practice at a slower, gentler pace with less demanding sequences. Props are provided to make poses more accessible and people can choose to use a chair for some seated poses.

If you have any questions, or would like to receive my newsletter, please get in touch.