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Sponsored 24 Hour Bible Reading for Rosemere Cancer Foundation

Sponsored 24 hour Bible Reading

To help raise funds for the Rosemere Cancer Foundation at the Royal Preston Hospital, Ian Service is leading a sponsored 24 hour bible reading.

Beginning at 10.45am on 23rd June 2024, a team of readers will read aloud from the whole of the New Testament – and most of the Old Testament!

As you can imagine, he needs some help……..

If you are willing and able:

  • Sign up on the list at the back of St James’ Church to read one (or more) of the ninety 15 minute time slots and try and get some sponsorship.
  • Consider sponsoring someone who is taking part.
  • Sign up to come and listen for a particular time slot.
  • Make time to come along and hear God’s word being read.

Thank you for your support.


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