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Month: October 2023

Having A Clear Out?

Are you having a clear out? Or have any of the following lying around no longer needed?

Class 1 at Storth School are wanting to enhance their learning environment and have begun by creating a list of items that they would love to receive.

If you are by any chance throwing out, or need a clear-out of anything on the list, they would greatly appreciate any donations. Thank you.


Cable reels

Pallets in good condition

Voile fabric

Metal containers – bowls, teapots, spoons, jugs


Planed wood pieces / decking pieces

Baskets/interesting containers

Wooden crates

Pieces of fake grass

Fake plants, flowers, ivy etc.




Pebbles / gems / costume jewelry

Carpet tubes


Garden arch

Small 2 wheel bike or balance bike


Update on Plans for the Village Playground

The Arnside Village Playground Working Group have been working hard to raise money to fund playground equipment for local children on the site of the current playground on the Memorial Field, Silverdale Road.

The cost for new playground equipment that provides the most durable and exciting equipment and vastly improves the accessibility of the playground for children of all abilities is currently £87,500. So far approximately £66,000 worth of grants have been identified and are in the process of being applied for. There is no guarantee that every application will be successful, and the application has to be carefully timed to make sure the funds don’t expire before the installation can be started.

The remainder of the funds need to come from the Village as a community. Some of the grants are only available as ‘matched’ funding, which means they will only ‘match’ what is raised from local support i.e. nothing raised, nothing to match – which would be a real shame and a waste of time and effort as filling in these applications is no mean feat! The applications also require overwhelming community support to be shown, and currently the feedback from the Community Wellbeing Day held this time last year is being used.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some more recent feedback to show support? You can help do this by donating via the Crowdfunding page which gives a real demonstration of support that can be used as evidence for the grants. The target on the Crowdfunder is £25,000. Today donations are at £175 so, as you can see, a little way to go.

Fundraising events that have taken place include The Coronation Picnic back in the summer, which got things off to a great start, raising over £2,000. The Quiz Night held a couple of weeks ago raised £450. Many thanks to the Sailing Club who gave use of the venue for free.. The next fundraiser is the * Winter Ball * on the 9th December – a great opportunity for get dressed up and enjoy a 3-course meal with Champagne cocktails and canapes on arrival, music and dancing. There are still a few tickets available if you haven’t got your as yet! A full programme of events is planned for 2024 so watch out for details of those – either here on the website or on the Playground Facebook page.

There will be an ‘Auction of Gifts and Promises’ on the night of the Ball , so if anyone has anything to donate – anything at all, We already have a day of joinery labour and a homemade cake every week for a month. Anyone wishing to give, contact Rebecca at
The committee is also looking for someone skilled at social media to help spread the word, Could this be you? If so, contact Rebecca at

*The Committee have taken the difficult decision to cancel the Winter Ball due to low ticket sales. With just 4 weeks to go, it became clear that the event was not viable, so the decision was taken to cancel. Thank you to those who did buy tickets, full refunds are available from Charlotte at Arnside House..

Arnside Playground logo

New Group For Arnside – Sustainable Arnside

‘Sustainable Arnside’ is a new community-led group in the village that is planning to support Arnside village when facing the challenges of Climate Change. While aware that everyone is on their own journey regarding the contributions of humans to climate change and what to do about it, and certainly not telling anyone what they should believe or what they should do, these are personal choices. However, if you believe the amount of carbon we are producing, nationally and locally, is dangerous and needs to be addressed, they are here to help.

The Government has set deadlines regarding how we heat our homes and how we use our transport, and these deadlines are looming ever closer. Households in Arnside and beyond now need to visualise how they might meet those deadlines, which is often not an easy task. The group aims to offer guidance and help to those who are trying to make those changes – you might even save some money by addressing your carbon footprint!

If you have any great ideas or suggestions but don’t have time yourself, they would be delighted to hear from you. Contact them by email at: with Sustainable Arnside in the subject line.

You can view, download or print their Mission Statement below.