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Sustainable Arnside

Pen & Correction Fluid Recycling

Sustainable Arnside is gathering strength and gathering a small fan club since supporting the ‘Retrofit made Easy’ event, arranged by Helen Chaffey and CAfS. It was a tremendous success and Paul Bates, the Chairman, introduced the Group to the large audience.

The audience was given the opportunity to have their say as to what they would like the group to focus on as, with so much that could be done, it was felt that local residents should be the guide.

A questionnaire completed at the meeting gave important feedback, and. with that feedback in mind, they can now make plans for the future.

As their first initiative, Sustainable Arnside is delighted to offer Arnside residents and visitors the opportunity to recycle pens and other writing implements.  All spent pens and correction fluid can now be recycled at. Arnside Fish and Chip shop, who have kindly provided a collection point at their premises.  

A plastic collection box can be found just beyond the takeaway entrance on the wall, close to the tin foil/can recycling bin. Its clearly labelled (see below) showing a list of what is accepted and what is not.  For full details see poster below.


    • Hi Jen,
      Thanks forgetting in touch. I have been in touch with South Lakes Police about it and they are having their IT department add LA5, although it will be early in the week before that’s done. In the meantime, they have said to use the LA6 postcode on the drop down menu but put ‘Arnside’ as the town/village and they will pick it up when they go through the responses.

      Hope this helps.

      Best wishes,


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