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Sustainable Arnside

We are a new community-led group in the village that is planning to support Arnside village when facing the challenges of Climate Change. We know everyone is on their own journey regarding the contributions of humans to climate change and what to do about it, and we are certainly not telling anyone what they should believe or what they should do, these are personal choices. However, if, like us, you believe the amount of carbon we are producing, nationally and locally, is dangerous and needs to be addressed, we are here to help.

The Government has set deadlines regarding how we heat our homes and how we use our transport, and these deadlines are looming ever closer. Households in Arnside and beyond now need to visualise how they might meet those deadlines, which is often not an easy task. Our group aims to offer guidance and help to those who are trying to make those changes. You might even save some money by addressing your carbon footprint!

If you have any great ideas or suggestions but don’t have time yourself, we would be delighted to hear from you.

View, download or print our Mission Statement below.