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Arnside Archive Group

A small, friendly group of volunteers who normally meet on Wednesdays in the Margaret Matheson room at Arnside Educational Institute from 10.00am – 12 noon. The regular Wednesday morning workshops are busy and fun – there is always so much more to discover about the amazing place we live in!

There is something really exciting and enjoyable about finding out more about local history, and sharing discoveries with others. Some members work on their own individual interests too – some of the work they have done has been used for talks at the W.I. as well as interesting articles in the Landscape Trusts publication ‘Keer to Kent‘.
Any items that are donated are collated, catalogued and preserved within the extensive Arnside historical collection that the Archive maintains. This covers schools, transport, religion, shops, local businesses and community groups, as well as tourism, local land deeds and maps.

New members are always welcome, so, if you are interested in joining us and find out more, come along to one of the workshops or contact us on:

The group has grown substantially since it first started in 2012 and has become a focal point for information on the history and development of the village and the families who have contributed to its growth. We look after a substantial collection of photographs and documents bequeathed to the community by the late Dennis Bradbury, a local historian, as well as many other collections that have also been donated, including local research by the late Stewart Platts. Donations of materials, photos, research etc are always appreciated as they help provide local history information as well as family research.

More information about Arnside and its history (including Arnside’s Maritime History), picture collections, and details about the group can be found on the website.

(To become a member you will also need to become a member of the E.I. which is currently £15.00.)

Arnside Prom  14th April 1951