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CancerCare Cross Bay Walk

CancerCare Cross Bay Walk

Join Team CancerCare for the Cross Bay Walk from Arnside to Grange Promenade led by King’s Guide to the Sands Michael Wilson. Lace up your trainers or pull on your wellies as we get ready to take on a unique adventure across the shifting sands of the UK’s largest tidal bay, set against the stunning backdrop of the Lake District fells.

The King’s Guide to the Sands Michael, will lead you on this breath-taking stroll across the UK’s largest tidal bay, with every step raising money for people affected by cancer and bereavement.

The famous route from Arnside Promenade to Grange Promenade takes around four hours to complete. Due to the unique terrain of the Bay, we cannot guarantee the exact distance, however, on previous walks we have clocked the total at around the 8-mile mark.

So, come along and join our iconic walk and we guarantee it will be a day to remember!