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Those Folk

This event has ended

Truly authentic, naturally charismatic, and delightfully entertaining, Lawrence Menard from America and Clare Quinn from Australia, are the transpacific troubadours known as ‘Those Folk’.

With Lawrence’s Cajun beginnings and Californian upbringing melding with Clare’s grounding in Australian folk music, their musical inspiration is diverse and ever expanding. Their worlds collided on the streets of Edinburgh in 2012 and the pair have been an inseparable duo ever since.

Their intimate stage show is constantly evolving with the introduction of new instruments. Vocal harmonies are featured alongside guitar, mandolin, banjo, accordion, harmonica, and percussion. Clare has an effervescence that is contagious and her vocal range is extraordinary. Lawrence is a talented multi-instrumentalist, with an intuitive musical ear. Lawrence and Clare have an on-stage chemistry that is radiant and audiences can appreciate the connection between them and the way that it influences their musical harmony.

Lawrence and Clare write thoughtful lyrics that tell tales of travels, love, nostalgia and hope. Their musicality and heartfelt, compassionate view of life shines through in each and every original composition. Their genuine stage presence and joyful melodies will have you smiling right from the start and all the way through the encore. Known for their diversity and on-stage charisma, Those Folk are an unforgettable act!

Their career highlights include independent touring of intimate concert venues around the US as well as performances at the Woodford Folk Festival, The Gympie Music Muster and Caloundra Music Festival. In 2022 Those Folk performed to a full house at the prestigious historic venue, Brisbane City Hall. 2023 saw Those Folk kick off the year performing a coveted tour of theatres and town halls of South East Queensland.

Lawrence & Clare have been compared to the likes of Simon & Garfunkel, Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings, and Johnny & June. Those Folk make not just folk music, but music for all sorts of folk.