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What’s Wrong With Benny Hill?

This event has ended

A Giles Shenton Production

Starring Mark Carey and Dani Carbery

Benny Hill died alone in his spartan flat in 1992, he was 68. His body was undiscovered for several days. Benny was, had been and still is, one of the most successful comedians of all time.

When Apollo Eleven landed on the moon in 1969, millions watched live on TV, but that evening many more had
tuned in to “The Benny Hill Show”. Today, “The Benny Hill Show” is broadcast regularly in over a hundred countries around the world. In Britain he has effectively been “cancelled”.

“What’s Wrong With Benny Hill?” is a brand-new musical comedy that explores the life and legacy of a very peculiar and brilliant comedian. It tells the story of his life and shows why he was considered by many of his peers to be the best, an “Imperial Clown”.

Benny was Charlie Chaplin’s favourite comedian.

Anthony Burgess described him as: “One of the great artists of our age.”

He has millions of avid fans all over the world so why has he been airbrushed from British Comedy History?

Why is there no statue or memorial in his hometown of Southampton?

Mark Carey, in his latest play sets out to address these questions and provide an insight into a unique and deeply private man with a very public face, and tackles current issues such as cancel culture and freedom of speech.

Tickets: £15 Members: £12 Children (Under 18’s): £6 To book, click here.