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Is Tidal Power Possible in Arnside?

Tidal Power for Arnside Poster

Sustainable Arnside are holding a talk about the possibility of Tidal Power in Arnside. The question is whether it is possible or not, within the Arnside parish, to achieve useable, cost effective tidal power.

They have invited speakers from the University of Lancaster to do a presentation.

Professor George Aggidis is Head of Department of Energy Engineering & Director of Lancaster University Renewable Energy Group and Fluid Machinery Group and a world leader in his field.

Dr David Howard, who lives in Arnside, is a UKCEH fellow, formerly the Director of Lancaster Environment Centre’s Centre for Sustainable Energy. They are bringing with them a student but it isn’t perhaps necessary to mention him (Simon Baker) in the advert.

The presentation will be held in the Westmorland Room at the E.I. There will be a very small charge of £1.50, to cover the cost of hiring the room.

If you are interested in attending, please email to let them know you will be going along.